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Talkin'Heads is an unconventional four-member family with a parrot and a cat that has its roots in America and the UK. All family members love to communicate in English more than anything in the world, and are shown with huge heads and small bodies, which becomes a family trait. Their aim is to help, facilitate, motivate and entertain anyone who needs to improve communication in the English language as well as learn various bits of information from these cultures.
  • The conversation has accents rooted in the countries where the speakers are from.
This is Tom,
the son and our ‟bad boy”...
We believe that the family of Talkin’Heads would be likely to find a place with those who:
  • require English at the level B1 or B2
  • are planning to study abroad and prepare for the IELTS oral exams
  • need to improve their communication skills
  • are proficient in English at intermediate level and above
  • are looking for something flexible, practical and simple
  • like to set their own pace of study
In this application you will find:
  • 25 Maturita topics in the English language,
  • preparation for IELTS oral tests,
  • vocabulary, slang, idioms, phrases, and those much loved phrasal verbs,
  • interactive tests,
  • conversational topics with sample recordings,
  • digital animation,
  • the radio and English teacher sections,
  • spoken English and a variety of different accents.
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